purchased several motors had problems with majority of them and now still waiting 4 months later for payment.....DO NOT PURCHASE THERE JUNK .....CALLED BACK SEVERAL TIMES GET THE RUN AROUND ,EMAIL SAME THING..most engines were dodge ,chrysler jeep.they dont ever respond in timely fashion but have no problem taking your money first.was on or at least i thought a personal basis with jon saab from the begining,but he didnt want to help out when a problem came about.the so called engine guy lanny can't admit when they mess up.so my words are real DON'T PURCHASE HERE

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You're right with the Lenny guy. I purchased an escalade engine with them, and within 5 months it had code P011 I took it to several Mechanic, they only took my money but did not fix the matter expecially Mid-town Auto Center in Manhattan, located at 38th st between 10 &11th ave.

The mechanic there reaped me of. I finally took the car to cadellac dealership. They found out that the engine was faulty. I called accurate engine, and they put me on to Lenny who insisted that the engine is OK.

It really pissed me off. My car has not been fixed till now, 2 months gone.

to Anonymous #1047010

Although John And Jenessa has been doing everything possible to see that my car is fixed. They have been comforting.


Thought about doing business with them,but did check-up on them,decided to go with another co. Glad I did.

Too many complaints !

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It will payoff in the long run.

to jack Kam12 #982577

Agreed, go someplace else. I am currently getting the run-around from Jennessa. They are not interested in customer service / satisfaction.

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