On behalf of Accurate Engines I would like to state that it is never our intent to not take care of our customers. In addition we do indeed honor our warranties when issues arise.

We have made many strides over the past 2 years to provide our customers with more information in relation to their engine or vehicle.

In addition we have added a whole additional staff to address our previous customer service issues due to our company growth.

We have also detailed our warranty in length and you can view this before any purchase on our website @ accurateengines.com

We exercise the same industry standards that other large engine re-manufacturers consistently use.

We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service that we can and continuously try to improve.

We also have an independent inspection service that operates nationwide who can verify causes of failure, we are happy to stand behind our product and have instituted the independent inspector in order to provide customers with a determination from an outside party not affiliated with our company.

While we do make mistakes on occasion many times in these cases we are not the installers and damage is caused upon installation. We understand that the customer may not understand all the technical aspects of an engine installation. Due to this we have made sure that we provide the installing mechanic with all our recommendations for installation in order to make it a smooth process.

Plenum re-use is a huge issue in our industry and a large portion of the warranty claims here at our facility, once again we have made sure to disclose this to all installing mechanics and we always recommend a NEW PLENUM, cleaning the plenum will not remove all the debris.

In regards to what we reimburse per hour for labor, this is stated in our warranty contract that is once again available for consumers online to read before purchase.

This labor rate is once again an industry standard and we use All-Data Hours to reimburse for the labor that we agree to. This is all included in the warranty we provide to our customers.

In regards to core reimbursement, the policy is payment is sent out within 30 days of receipt of the engine once it has been inspected and deemed fully reusable. Our industry depends on cores to fuel our business and we must receive them in useable condition. We do partial reimbursements if a head or block is the only component damaged. This policy is also outlined on our website for viewing before sale for all our customers.

We disclose all of our policies on our website in regards to warranty, core charges and I have recently updated our refund policy on all our customer quotes.

Our goal is to as transparent as possible.

We as a company have been in business for over 30 years.

We produce roughly 1500 engines a year in addition to other work we perform.

You are welcome to contact us with any issues you may have at 616-531-2050

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You are full of crap. Your company should be shut down. You are total scam artist and you have no problem screwing your customers.


You do not stand behind your warranties you always say it was something wrong with the installation or something else but never take responsibility for poor workmanship. You also charge a fee of 69 dollars a year to continue your warranty.

I should have known better what scam artists you are. Never buy an engine from this company you will be sorry and out thousands of dollars.


You do not in anyway shape or form try and help your customers. We bought an engine from you almost a year ago and it has been one problem after another and none of which your are willing to accept responsibility for, a motor that cost 2500 has become 7,000 with repairs and rentals that you always claimed " the check was in the mail" I would never recommend you to anyone

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